Seeking Equal Pay Insights from Apple Engineers


Are you a current or former engineer at Apple Inc.?

We are investigating Apple's compensation practices and compliance with Equal Pay and other anti-discrimination laws. Your insights and role are critical to this investigation.

We have a particular interest in learning about challenges you might have faced with your pay such as receiving a starting salary influenced by previous earnings, receiving less in pay or benefits based on your gender or ethnicity, being assigned a hiring level that does not reflect your qualifications, or experiencing unequal treatment in evaluations, promotions, and bonuses.

By sharing your experiences, you could play a key role in uncovering potential legal violations. More importantly, your input could help in the pursuit of recovery not only for yourself but also for your fellow Apple employees.

Are you ready to make a difference?

Your insights have the potential to drive significant change.


Outten & Golden has built a reputation for its exceptional legal representation of employees, executives, and partners in a wide range of employment-related matters. The firm has extensive experience achieving equal pay, justice and fair treatment in the workplace.

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